SFI: Start-up Finance Institution

This vertical manages, maintains and operates end-to-end processes for present and future lending schemes implemented directly by the institute. SFI also facilitates and offers linkages to entrepreneurs across a range of financing options available across government, financial institutions, and banks and individual and institutional investors.


  • To manage, maintain and operate all end-to-end processes for all present and future on-lending schemes implemented by the Institute and to facilitate and offer linkages to entrepreneurs across a range of financing options available from Government, Financial Institutions, and Banks and Institutional investors.
  • To manage and administer various non-debts financial instruments meant for Entrepreneurship Development either directly or through relationships with investing stakeholders in the state.


  • Transaction Origination & Appraisals: Identification, Origination, Appraisal & Disbursal of Business proposals
  • Credit Management: Operating of Individual accounts of loanees, deposition of instalments, application of yearly interest, and reconciliation with the principal Bank account.
  • Follow-up: Monitoring of units funded by the EDI, repayment of instalments, recovery of bad debts, foreclosure, legal proceedings etc.
  • Accounts: Maintenance of the Principal Bank account, Maintenance of Accounts and repayments to lending agencies. Maintenance of “Income and Receipt” account for lending activity etc., repayments to creditor agencies.