JKEDI Technology, Design, Innovation Incubation Program - TDIIP

A pilot incubation program “JKEDI Technology, Design, Innovation Incubation Program - TDIIP” at its Pampore campus aims at nurturing start-up enterprises, primarily in technology, design and innovative fields.

The program offers a comprehensive range of incubation services to technology and design professionals to facilitate their transformations into resourceful entrepreneurs.

It is a 2-year program that admits interested professionals as successful applicants and provides them access to the following services and resources:

Business organization and planning

  • Business Development Consulting (developing business idea, business plan development assistance, business and strategic planning, and/or proactive support)
  • Fiscal and legal advice
  • Management training/support
  • Process improvement
  • Diversification
  • Mentoring

Facilitation/access to Finance

  • Seed Capital Fund Scheme
  • Youth Start-up Loan Scheme
  • NMDFC Term Loan Scheme
  • Facilitation/linkages to loans, grants, etc.

Identity, marketing, promotion, sales

  • Corporate identity and website design
  • Public Relations, Marketing, and/or Sales Consultation/Support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • SocialMedia strategies and tactics
  • Professional networking support

Commercialization and product development

  • Technology/ Product/Service Commercialization
  • Research and Development support

Business operations

  • Business Services (all utilities—water, electric, heating/AC, administrative support services and office and/or workshop accommodation, conference and meeting rooms, printing, photocopier, fax and postage services, and bookkeeping, etc).