Significance of existence

Jammu and Kashmir: Seated on the top of a youthful energy, which if not tapped is ticking fast and may explode like a time bomb.

Picture this:

Total population: 1.25 crore

Over 70 percent, or 87.5 lakh, of this is estimated to be under 35. According to official data, some 750,000 educated unemployed youth are registered for government jobs with state employment offices.

Government jobs are not available in the proportion of the demand. Private sector has not developed on the scale it was required to. And the feared result could mean a trouble sprouting from a dangerous phenomenon of “too many young people with too little to do”.

That is where JKEDI’s significance of being lies. Our mandate is to help youth of Jammu and Kashmir to be job creators rather than job seekers and positively channelize their dynamism..