CTSD: Centre for Trainings and Skill Development

The main function of CTSD is to develop and implement various training programmes for skill development, performance improvement as well as business trainings, sector-specific trainings, leadership and self development trainings to individuals and organisations in the field of enterprise creation.


To develop and implement various training Programs for Skill Development, Performance Improvement as well as Business Trainings, Sector Specific Trainings, Leadership and Self Development trainings to individuals and organisations in the field of Enterprise creation.


  • Develop and administer EDP curriculum to provide comprehensive and simulative business training to youth with little or no business experience.
  • Develop & administer training curriculum for creating, strengthening and supporting current and future entrepreneurs and delivering financial literacy programs to targeted groups.
  • Develop curricula rooted in the experiential learning methodologies through simulations, structured discussions, participatory exercises, peer-learning techniques, experiential-learning methodologies, etc.
  • Create learning that is relevant, immediately applicable and long-lasting.
  • Organize sector-wise comprehensive training programs.
  • Customize training content & actual training to cater to the diverse & specific needs of aspiring entrepreneurs across different sectors and business activities.
  • Design and integrate apprenticeship programs into the trainings offering thereby real-life business experience to the aspiring entrepreneurs.


Training Summary for the Financial Year 2015-16